What Veterinarians Need to Know About Required Continuing Education in Florida

Continuing education is a requirement for license renewal by veterinarians in the State of Florida. The guide for this requirement which veterinarians must follow, is contained in Rule Chapter 61G18-16, Florida Administrative Code of Chapter 474, Florida Statutes.

The statute directs that licensed veterinarians must renew their licenses every two years.  The last renewal date was June 1, 2014, therefore the next renewal date for Florida veterinarians is June 1, 2016.

The code stipulates that “All licensed veterinarians shall be required to obtain continuing professional education which contributes to the advancement, extension or enhancement of professional skills and knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine.”

 The code also spells out requirements pertaining to the hours of CE and types or categories of CE accepted; as well as standards that must be upheld and adhered to by the providers of continuing education for the CE to be acceptable for active status license renewal in the state.

The Requirements for Active Status License Renewal

  • Completion of 30 hours of continuing professional education in veterinary medicine every two years.
  • No less than one hour of CE in the area of dispensing legend drugs
  • No less than two hours of CE in the area of the laws and rules governing the practice of veterinary medicine (Chapters 455 and 474, F.S. and Rule Title 61G18, F.A.C.)
  • Not more than fifteen hours are to be non-interactive, correspondence courses.
  • Computer on-line courses that involve on-line, real time, live or delayed participatory questioning or responses are not correspondence courses.
  • Not more than five hours in complementary and alternative medicine modalities.
  • Not more than five hours of CE in business, practice management courses or stress and impairment seminars.
  • Five hours of CE in laws and rules may be obtained once during the biennium by attending a full day or eight hours of a Board of Veterinary Medicine meeting where disciplinary hearings are conducted by the board. The attendee must sign in with the executive director of the board or designee before the meeting begins; must remain in continuous attendance; must sign out with the executive director of the board or designee at the end of the meeting day or at a time earlier as affirmatively authorized by the board.

**One hour of CE equals a minimum of fifty minutes and a maximum of sixty minutes. Total hours of lecture time cannot be added up and divided into 50 minute intervals to obtain one hour credit for each 50 minute interval.

Do you need to complete your 1 hour in Dispensing Legend Drugs and 2 hours in Florida Laws and Rules?

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