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The FVMA is a partner of the Veterinary Career Center (VCN), an alliance of professional associations with a combined registered membership of over 80,000 veterinary professionals, reaching over 100,000 individuals related to the veterinary profession.

The most comprehensive nationwide career and employee recruiting site for the animal health industry, VCN is an active partner when you post a job opening or your resume with them. You will have access to job positions and candidates in the animal health industry in your community, all areas of the state, and nationally.

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Career Center

Featuring a best-in-class job board so you can achieve your career goals:

  • Search nearly 5,000 veterinary jobs
  • Save job listings and set up alerts
  • Post your resume to attract employers
  • Access premium career resources like career coaching, resume writing, reference testing, and career learning center

Browse Jobs

Use employer resources to find and hire top veterinary talent:

  • Post a job opening
  • Get your listing viewed nearly 800 times, on average
  • Search for resumes and keep track of applicants
  • Access hiring resources like branding solutions, job posting videos, and bulk posting

Post A Job

Discover veterinary relief opportunities or find relief veterinarians and veterinary technicians with Roo, an innovative online staffing platform.


  • Customize your profile to highlight your expertise and preferences
  • Join a vibrant community of veterinary professionals who value flexibility, work-life balance, and delivering exceptional care to clients and their pets.
  • Benefit from Roo’s technology-driven platform that simplifies the process of finding and filling veterinary positions
  • Totally FREE for veterinarians and veterinary technicians


  • Quickly fill short-term and emergency staffing needs with access to a broad pool of qualified veterinary professionals
  • Roo matches your clinic’s needs with professionals’ skills and preferences
  • Only pay for completed shifts — if you don’t find coverage, you don’t need to pay


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