The Social Media Advantage in Equine Medicine

Jillian Sinclair | Florida Association of Equine Practitioners | Published: Issue 4, 2023

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In today’s digital age, where information is just a click away and our daily lives are intertwined with the online world, the importance of social media cannot be overstated. This holds true not only for individuals but for businesses as well, including equine veterinary practices. While the concept of using social media might seem out of place in a profession rooted in tradition and hands-on care, the benefits it offers are undeniable. 

First Impressions 

In a world where convenience and accessibility are paramount, the role of social media in acquiring new clients cannot be underestimated. According to recent statistics, a staggering 41% of potential clients will check out a practice’s social media pages before deciding to schedule an appointment.¹ This means that your social media presence serves as your online calling card. It’s the first impression you make, and it can be the difference between gaining a new client and losing one to a competitor.

Building Trust

Another reason equine veterinarians should embrace social media is the power it has in building trust and compliance. Research suggests that nearly 9 in 10 consumers are more likely to buy a product or service from a company they follow on social media.² By maintaining an active and engaging online presence, you create a direct line of communication with your clients and potential clients, which fosters trust and loyalty. This trust, in turn, can lead to higher compliance rates as clients are more likely to follow your treatment recommendations when they trust your expertise.

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Referrals in the Digital Age

Social media has become the new word of mouth. A simple “share” of your social media post is equivalent to a digital referral. Each share extends your reach, potentially connecting you with new clients who may never have come across your practice otherwise. This viral nature of social media can significantly expand your client base.

Educating Clients

Equine veterinarians are not just healthcare providers; they are educators and advocates for the well-being of horses. Social media provides a powerful platform to proactively educate horse owners. By sharing informative posts, articles, and tips, you can empower your clients to take better care of their horses. Whether it’s insights on barn safety or signs of common equine ailments like arthritis, your social media presence can be a valuable resource for your clients.

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Client and Employee Retention 

Maintaining an active presence on social media is an excellent way to keep your existing clients engaged and informed. It acts as a subtle prompt to schedule services, keeps your practice’s name “top of mind,” and strengthens the bond between your practice and your clients. Happy and informed clients are more likely to stay with your practice and recommend your services to others.

Don’t underestimate the impact of social media on employee retention. By spotlighting your employees and demonstrating that they are valued, you create a positive work environment. A happy team is more likely to stay, which, in turn, contributes to better patient care and practice success.

Introducing VetSocialEquine

To help equine veterinarians harness the full potential of social media, the FAEP offers a valuable member benefit: VetSocialEquine. This innovative platform provides an entire library of veterinarian-vetted social media posts specifically created for equine practices.

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With VetSocialEquine, you can easily select a post, add your practice’s logo, and schedule when you want it to appear on your social media pages up to 30 days in advance. It’s a time-saving tool that eliminates the need to search for articles or write content. Plus, you can customize and brand each post to match your practice’s identity. The platform even offers an image editor, allowing you to create your own custom posts. VetSocialEquine covers a wide range of topics, from barn safety to equine health, enabling you to educate your clients and build trust.

Social media has evolved into a powerful tool for equine veterinarians. It can help attract new clients, build trust, facilitate referrals, provide education, and strengthen both client and employee relationships. With the introduction of VetSocialEquine, you can maximize your social media potential while saving time and effort, allowing you to focus on what matters most – the well-being of horses and the success of your practice. 

Embracing social media is not just a modern trend, it’s an essential component of a successful equine veterinary practice. 


 ¹ Information taken from Medical Advantage TDC Groups’ The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Healthcare & Medical Practices (2021)

² Information taken from The 2023 Sprout Social Index™ Report

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