ABOUT The Practitioner

Partner advertisements in The Practitioner, our quarterly equine publication, help promote the mission of the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners (FAEP). This contributes to the protection and enhancement of the equine veterinary profession.

Advertising in The Practitioner is an effective form of communicating both brand- and product-specific messages to our audience, which encompasses the decision-makers of our industry.

The Practitioner focuses on our members and brings relevant perspectives to our readers. We aim to add value to the livelihood of our profession and the wellness of our membership.

Our magazine shares important information about the equine veterinary profession, including world-class continuing education offerings, member news, and updates on our advocacy efforts.

Our specific goal for advertisers is to expose our readership to products and services that will make their clinics, hospitals, and companies become more productive and efficient.



The Practitioner is an equine-exclusive journal and is distributed to a national circulation of approximately 5,000 equine practitioners. This includes all FAEP members and other national association members. The Practitioner is a high-quality, award-winning print medium that easily reaches a target market of equine practitioners who utilize your products and services.



Publication dates are approximate and subject to change at the FVMA/FAEP’s discretion.

The target mailing date is the 25th of the publication month. 


All advertising is subject to FVMA/FAEP approval. Failure to follow the specifications above could result in printing issues. For more information, contact communications@fvma.org or call 800-992-3862.

  • Margin and Bleed: Full-page bleed ads and inserts will be exempt from publication headers, footers, folios, and publication artwork. Bleed must be 0.125″ and must have a minimum of 0.125″ margin to ensure all pertinent content is included upon print.
  • File Format: Advertisements must be submitted in acceptable electronic formats. Press-ready, high-resolution PDF format is the most stable and preferred file type accepted. Layers should be flattened with all fonts embedded or outlined. Export to PDF-X 1a will ensure the optimum file for the reproduction of the ad.
  • Resolution: Files must have a minimum resolution of 240 dpi. Please convert all RGB images and spot colors to CMYK. If providing an image file for the ad, we also accept .tif or .eps, with all text converted to outlines and all images embedded.

Ads designed using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Publisher will not be accepted. If files are prepared improperly and technical requirements are not met, the FVMA cannot guarantee the reproduction of the ad.

Advertisements must be received on or before the dates referenced earlier in electronic format. Artwork that requires the FVMA to edit, create or modify will be billed at $50.00 per hour with a minimum charge of one hour and $35.00 for each additional “proof” produced.