As we lead the veterinary profession forward, we will continue to foster leadership among veterinary professionals.

The Power of 10 is an annual leadership program by which FVMA representatives and board members select recent graduates in the veterinary medicine field to undergo a specially designed curriculum meant to foster and support leadership potential in the industry by providing learning experiences, which will engage and develop foundational skills in leadership, communication and business.

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Key Benefits

Through the Power of Ten, the FVMA’s goal is to assist our young professionals to:

  • Develop fundamental understanding of leadership skills and emotional intelligence
  • Deepen comprehension of communication styles and skills
  • Acquire critical skills to intensify business acumen
  • Gain the competency to utilize these skills within their life, practice, and community
  • Heighten awareness of themselves and better understand how to maximize interactions with those around them
  • Develop a vision of the leader they can be – and what it takes to become that leader
  • Experience a supportive environment that fosters meaningful interpersonal relationships and collaborative, lifelong interaction