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Telehealth legislation has been voted upon in recent years and because of its potential to impact animals, we are preparing for it to reappear.

The FVMA has long supported veterinary telehealth legislature that provides protections for the veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR), and our commitment remains to nurturing opportunities that properly protect animals, their owners and the veterinarians who support them.

Want to make an impact? Staying informed and getting involved, as well as financial assistance, helps us continue fighting on behalf of both animals and humans.

The Telehealth Coalition

Spearheaded by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the coalition intends to collaborate across the veterinary and animal health industry to enhance and expand care by leveraging technology, while safeguarding the welfare of animals and people.

The coalition’s members are essential in helping better position veterinary practices to tackle telemedicine, and are an essential part of protecting the VCPR.

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The FVMA is proud to be a part of the coalition alongside its many partners and associations.

Our Telemedicine Bill

Just as so many veterinarians emphasize transparency regarding their clients, we see it as our duty to be transparent with you in our fight for veterinary medicine.

We are currently working with the draft version of our own bill, where research and conversations with all affected parties has led to proposed legislation we believe can serve as equal protection for pets, owners and veterinarians alike.

Read the draft of our telehealth bill


What do you need to know about telemedicine?

Telehealth is a loose, catch-all term that encompasses a significant number of concepts when discussing electronic veterinary care in Florida and the United States.

We have included a breakdown of the various terms that define telehealth so you can better understand what we are fighting for and what we support.

Read the draft of our telehealth bill


Our position

As members of the Telehealth Coalition, we believe veterinary telehealth and, in particular, telemedicine, holds great promise for improving continuity of care and strengthening the relationship between veterinarians, their clients and their patients. We also support the recommendation of the AVMA that a VCPR should not be established via electronic means.

Our full statement

How can you get involved today?

Our new program is set to entrust our members as FVMA Advocacy Ambassadors, who we will call upon as the next legislative session approaches. Signing your name is not a commitment, but an expression of enthusiasm and an agreement to be contacted when we need your help to better veterinary medicine.

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