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Program Overview

A Breakdown of the FVMA’s Team Member Entities

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Team Member Affiliate Organizations

Every member of the veterinary team plays a critical role in the successful operation of a practice, in ensuring positive patient outcomes, and in protecting animal and public health. In recognition of the value the diverse members of the veterinary team bring to our clinics across the state of Florida, the FVMA invites all eligible team members to join the FVMA family as affiliate members through one of four distinct associations:

 Florida Association of Veterinary Practice Managers (FAVPM)

Florida Association of Credentialed Veterinary Technicians (FACVT)

Florida Association of Animal Care Technicians (FAACT)

Florida Association of Certified Veterinary Assistants (FACVA)

These affiliate member entities operate under the umbrella of the FVMA and offer the following exclusive benefits:

  • Full-time, professional staff dedicated to your success: The FVMA staff is here to help you and answer any questions you might have, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Your professional interests and success are the FVMA’s focus every day. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll do our best to find it for you.
  • Discounts and early registration on world-class continuing education and elite veterinary conferences: Our association offers industry-leading conferences and events, featuring world-class programs and speakers, cutting-edge lectures, and hands-on instruction.
  • Extensive career networking opportunities with thousands of veterinary colleagues across Florida and the country: As a recognized state and national leader in our industry, we proudly represent more than 5,900 members and nearly 80% of the veterinary practices statewide. We strongly encourage peer-to-peer networking, collaboration, and partnership across the veterinary medical profession.
  • Updates on the latest new and issues impacting veterinary medicine: The FVMA is committed to providing our members the most current news and information to advance their career development and animal health and well-being.
  • Professional membership certificate suitable for framing, indicating your respective member organization and FVMA affiliation, and corresponding membership/certification card: We believe veterinary care team members should be appropriately recognized for their professional accomplishments and their hard work, passion, and commitment to delivering the highest quality care possible to patients and their owners.
  • Distinguished, wearable enamel pin denoting your affiliate organization and term of membership and/or certification: High-quality pin marking your achievements that you can proudly wear on the job.
  • Legislative and regulatory advocacy: As the voice of veterinary medicine in Florida, we work tirelessly each year to ensure veterinary interests are protected as thousands of new legislative bills are introduced. It is a fact that the FVMA’s advocacy program is the single most important intangible benefit our association provides. We aggressively work to implement legislation that enhances the practice of veterinary medicine and promotes and enhances animal health and well-being.
  • Additional new and exciting benefits to be announced soon – stay tuned! To better serve our members, we regularly evaluate new membership privileges to enrich your affiliation in the FVMA.

With a track record of excellence as a membership organization, the FVMA represents more than 5,900 members and nearly 80% of the veterinary practices statewide, who employ talented professionals like you. We pride ourselves in being the voice of veterinary medicine in Florida, and encourage you to join us and add your voice to strengthen our profession and your career.

Please click on the names of the associations above for details, membership requirements and applications for each affiliate entity. We look forward to welcoming you the FVMA family! Any comments, questions, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at (800) 992-3862 or email info@fvma.org.

Florida Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians (FACVT)

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