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Florida Association of Veterinary Practice Managers (FAVPM)

For Practice Managers

The Florida Association of Veterinary Practice Managers (FAVPM), recognizes the outstanding contributions veterinary practice managers (VPMs) make to the veterinary profession and provides these integral members of the veterinary team the resources they need to excel in their field provide the best possible outcomes for their patients, and maintain a healthy, productive, and profitable environment in their practices. VPMs have a wide variety of responsibilities on the veterinary team, serving as office administrators, financial managers, human resources directors, etc., playing pivotal roles in the day-to-day operations and long-term success of any clinic or hospital.

With a track record of excellence as a membership organization, the FVMA represents more than 5,900 members and nearly 80% of the veterinary practices statewide, who employ talented professionals like you. We pride ourselves in being the voice of veterinary medicine in Florida, and encourage you to join us and add your voice to strengthen our profession and your career.

Membership Criteria: Open to any on-the-job trained individual who is or has been employed as a veterinary hospital manager, or any graduate of a veterinary practice management program.

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