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Florida Association of Animal Care Technicians (FAACT)

For On-the-Job Trained Technicians

Not all veterinary team members are given the recognition they deserve for their proven aptitude through certification or other official credentialing. For these individuals, the FVMA Executive Board and the Veterinary Assistant/Technician Certification Committee have adopted the designation of animal care technician (ACT). ACTs make up the majority of the technician workforce in the state and as such are vital team members deserving of their own association.

In 2018, the FVMA is launched an affiliate entity, the Florida Association of Animal Care Technicians (FAACT), to recognize the outstanding contributions ACTs make to the veterinary profession and to ensure that these integral members of the veterinary team are given the resources they need to excel in their field and provide the best possible outcomes for their patients.

With a track record of excellence as a membership organization, the FVMA represents more than 5,900 members and nearly 80% of the veterinary practices statewide, who employ talented professionals like you. We pride ourselves in being the voice of veterinary medicine in Florida, and encourage you to join us and add your voice to strengthen our profession and your career.

Membership Criteria: Open to any on-the-job trained veterinary team member who has worked in the capacity of a technician for at least three years, or any graduate of an American Veterinary Medical Association-accredited veterinary technology program who does not qualify for technician certification.

Download your application and apply today via mail or email.

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