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In today’s world, finding the right person for a job is more important than ever. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and evolving job market trends have significantly altered what prospective employees seek in new opportunities. 

A few short sentences stating what you’re looking for, the primary job duties, and a few benefits is not enough to attract top talent. Your job ad must resonate with the values and expectations of today’s job seekers.  

Whether you’re looking for a technician, a veterinarian, or any other role, the right approach can make all the difference. Let’s dive into what works, what doesn’t, and how to make your job ad the one that everyone wants to apply to. 

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Prioritizing Practice Needs Over Candidate Appeal: Highlight why your workplace is the right choice for potential candidates. 

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Setting Rigid Experience Requirements: Stating “requires a minimum of five years of experience” can deter potentially great hires with slightly less experience. 

Ignoring Work Culture: Today’s workforce, especially younger generations, values a positive and inclusive work culture. Make sure your ad reflects what makes your workplace unique and welcoming. 

Listing Basic Benefits: Generic benefits won’t make your ad stand out. Offer something that truly attracts attention. 

Using Exclusionary Language: Ensure your language is welcoming to all, avoiding terms that might dissuade women and minority groups from applying. 

Strategies For Success:

Detailed Descriptions: Shorter isn’t always better. Applicants will skip over ads that don’t explain what they can expect when working at the practice. A longer ad should still be fast and easy to scan, so opt for bullet points instead of long paragraphs of text when possible — especially when listing benefits or job requirements. 

Language: Ad language reflects culture. Are you a fun group that works hard? Add some fun – or puns! Are you highly focused on a particular aspect of service? Discuss why your team has committed to this and why your clients love it. 

Highlight Your Unique Offerings: Candidates know what is generally required to be a veterinary technician or a receptionist, etc. What is more critical is showing why you’re a desirable place to work, which means putting a spotlight on why your practice offers a better employment experience than your competition. Think about what your team loves about working there or any special certifications or accreditations your practice has. Maybe you have a new building or a large variety of cases.  

Comprehensive Benefits: A detailed list of benefits can be a major deciding factor for candidates. If your offerings are slim, now’s the time to consider enhancing them!  

Transparent Salary Ranges: If competitive, listing the salary range for a position can attract more applicants. However, if your pay is below market rate, it will not benefit you to list the salary in the job ad before you have a chance to sell the clinic to candidates. 

Invitations to Apply: Applying for a job is emotional. Potential candidates want to feel good about clicking that “Apply” button. It also helps to mention when they can expect an acknowledgment or reply to their application. 

Strong EEO Statements: A well-worded EEO statement can help encourage people from all backgrounds, races, and socioeconomic circumstances to apply for the position. 

Final Thought

Job ads are more than a means to fill vacancies. They offer a way to solidify your brand and reputation as an employer in your community! Investing time and creativity into your job ads not only enhances your brand but also significantly improves the quality of your candidate pool. 

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