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Why Join the FVMA

Membership Benefits

The Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA) provides numerous tangible benefits to its members including quality continuing education, professional publications, information resources, and discounts on personal and professional services, programs, and products.  But some of the most valuable benefits derived from membership in the FVMA are the intangible ones. The Association provides a powerful voice for the veterinary medical profession, and works to affect policies, regulations and legislation in order to protect the veterinary medical profession, veterinarians’ livelihood and the well-being of clients.


FVMA Benefits and Services

  • Legislative Advocacy

    The FVMA’s Legislative Committee and Staff are constantly monitoring any proposed legislation that could affect the veterinary profession. Our statewide network of members will contact legislators whenever necessary to protect the interests of members. The FVMA also retains the lobbying firm of Converge Government Affairs to ensure that the “good bills pass” and the “bad bills don’t."

  • Quality Continuing Education

    The FVMA Annual Conference, Gulf-Atlantic Veterinary Conference (small animal), Promoting Excellence Symposium, Ocala Equine Conference (equine), and Harvey Rubin Memorial Food Animal Conference, as well as online courses, provide affordable opportunities for CE. These conferences give attendees a chance to network professionally and socially with colleagues and industry partners, while expanding their skills and knowledge of veterinary medicine.

  • Complimentary Legal Consultation

    FVMA members are able to receive a brief, complimentary legal consultation for issues that arise during the practice of veterinary medicine. To take advantage of this benefit, email info@fvma.org with the issue as well as your contact information.

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  • Publications and Communications

    The "FVMA Advocate" is published six times a year and "The Practitioner" four. These publications are provided to members free of cost, and are vehicles for circulating up-to-date information about FVMA CE conferences and events. Email and fax broadcasts as well as social media will keep you in the loop with breaking news and issues that affect your profession.

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  • FVMA Helpline

    The FVMA staff is here to help you and answer questions you might have. Your business and professional interests are the FVMA’s focus every day. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll do our best to find it for you.

  • Website with Online Membership Directory

    The new FVMA website contains your online membership directory that gives you the ability to find a colleague’s name, address, phone number, and email, as well as edit your own record in the FVMA database. Members also have the ability to opt out of their respective information being available to other members.

  • Website with “Find-A-Veterinarian” for Pet Owners

    Pet owners have the ability to locate an FVMA member veterinarian by searching their name, city or county. The public view will contain the FVMA members’ clinic address and phone number.

  • First Data/Telecheck Services

    We make accepting electronic payments easy AND affordable! First Data, now FiServ, has partnered with the FVMA for over 25 years. FiServ’s program helps you to connect with customers no matter where you run your business. We have payment solutions for the brick-and-mortar clinic, field work and online payments. Simply put, our merchant services makes it possible for you to receive non-cash payments securely anytime, anywhere.
    Your dedicated Business Consultant, Mary Durina, has represented the FVMA’s merchant program for 28 years. She is ready to assist with any payment needs or questions you may have. You can reach Mary by phone, text or email. 813.326.5501 – cell / mary.durina@firstdata.com

    Data FIrst


    CareCredit provides a continuum of payment to support a Lifetime of CareTM for pets at enrolled veterinary hospitals. Once approved for a CareCredit credit card, clients can choose from special financing options available and make convenient monthly payments for everything from diagnostics and preventative care to emergency and specialty care. And they can use CareCredit again and again at any provider in the CareCredit network. Want to enroll your practice or learn more? Call 800-300-3046 or visit www.carecredit.com/vet. Already one of the 22,000+ veterinary hospitals that accept CareCredit? Call 800-859-9975 for free resources and support from your Practice Development Team.


    Avoid bad debt and improve cash flow! A national leader in accounts receivable, collections and avoidance. In addition to collecting outstanding accounts, they will train your staff and put in place their administrative system to prevent future receivable problems. Call 800‐279‐3511.


    This is the most comprehensive nationwide career and employee recruiting site for the animal health industry. The Career Center allows you to find the job or candidate you’re looking for! The Veterinary Career Center is an active partner when you post a job opening or your resume with us. You will have access to the most jobs and candidates in the animal health industry in your neighborhood, other parts of Florida and now nationwide.

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