INFLUENZA and Your Pet

With the recent reports about influenza, it is good sense to inform yourself, your staff, and your clients on the subject.

The ongoing outbreaks of canine influenza and highly pathogenic avian influenza in the US, have certainly seen their share of media attention! But, is it something that you should be concerned with? That your clients should be concerned with?

Zoonotic influenzas are nothing to sneeze at…but, the risk for you, your staff, clients, and patients can be mitigated. Vaccinations are a key piece, and you are encouraged to consider a risk-assessment-based vaccine program in all practices. Additionally, for your avian patients, a thorough understanding of the risk that avian influenza poses (and its accompanying eradication response in the US) is the best defense.

You may visit the websites of the following agencies to gather more information on this topic:

  • AVMA
  • CDC
  • Florida Department of Health
  • Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

And feel free to contact your FVMA office with any questions or ongoing concerns.