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What have we been up to in 2023?

FVMA Staff | Florida Veterinary Medical Association | Published: Issue 4 2023


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Take a behind-the-scenes look and delve into the key moments of the FVMA’s 2023! We’ve uncovered the various achievements, initiatives, and programs that have defined our year, shedding light on the contributions of our dedicated members, the impactful work of the FVMA Foundation, our commitment to students, our ongoing legislative advocacy, and the diverse range of continuing education we’ve provided. 

Total Members: 5,675
Brand New Members: 273

Here’s a breakdown of where FVMA Foundation donations went in 2023:  

$10,000 to the AVMA’s Ukraine relief fund, which is being used to provide food, medical care, medical supplies, and emergency support to organizations on the ground providing care to animals.

$25,643 in scholarships funds distributed among UFCVM students and students in veterinary technical colleges around Florida.

$15,000 to Pets Help the Heart Heal, an organization dedicated to helping to improve children’s social, physical, and emotional health through the human-animal bond.

We visited UFCVM various times throughout the year to meet with current and incoming students. 

Student Appreciation DaySaturday, Aug. 17

  • 30 students focused on equine medicine
  • Organized wet labs at four equine hospitals 

Student Club and Family Day/UFCVM’s First-Year Vet Experience – Friday, Aug. 11

  • 100 incoming students  

UFCVM’s Career Day – Wednesday, Oct. 26

  • Almost 100 students
  • Dr. Ernest Godfey, Trustee Emeritus for the FVMA, was also at Career Day looking to bring new staff to his clinic

The final session of the year before graduation will be this December. This will be the third Power of Ten graduating class!

Congratulations to the 2022 class! Their awards ceremony was in April during FVMA Annual Conference.

  • Five conferences across the state
  • A look at the numbers:

Total CE: 674 Hours

Total attendees: 2,085

Ocala Equine Conference

FVMA Annual Conference

10th The Gulf Atlantic Veterinary Conference

Promoting Excellence Symposium

Our staff loves bringing their four-legged family members to the office. This year we had seven visitors: six dogs and one cat.

  • Roxie — cat
  • Ebert — dog
  • Tim — dog
  • Wren — dog
  • Zero — dog
  • Leia — dog
  • Rockoe — dog

Tiny Tim had the most visits to the office, showing up every week for “Tim Tuesdays!”

How many pets does the FVMA staff have in total?

  • 10 dogs
  • 9 cats
  • 1 horse

Attorney Edwin Bayo is always available to answer questions about the practice of veterinary medicine, pharmacy law, or veterinary board relations. This year he answered approximately 100 questions from members.

We met with with nine state representatives: 

  • Senator Rosson (D-St. Petersburg)
  • Representative Killebrew (R-Winter Haven) 
  • Representative Cassello (D-Boynton Beach) 
  • Representative Robinson (R-Bradenton) 
  • Representative Nixon (D-Jacksonville) 
  • Representative Maggard (R-Zephyrhills) 
  • Representative Sirois (R-Merritt Island) 
  • Representative Silvers (D-West Palm Beach) 
  • Senator Thompson (D-Orlando) 

Monitored 11 bills, including: 

  • HB 719 / SB 722 Practice of Veterinary Medicine 
  • HB 1047 / SB 1300 Offense Against Certain Animals 
  • HB 1581 / SB 1492 Dog Breeding 

Congratulations Congratulations to Dr. Taylor McLendon! Her member spotlight was the top post on the FVMA’s Facebook page for 2023. 

  • 3.3K accounts reached 

As we reflect on the incredible year that 2023 has been, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our members for their unwavering dedication and support. Your commitment has made this year remarkable, and we’re eagerly looking forward to what 2024 will bring, as we continue to grow and thrive together! 

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