As we push the veterinary profession forward, we seek to foster leadership among dedicated veterinarians.

The Power of Ten, made possible with help from Elanco, CareCredit, and the FVMA Foundation, is an annual leadership program for which FVMA Representatives and Board Members select recent graduates in the veterinary medicine field, who are FVMA members, to undergo a specially designed curriculum. This curriculum is designed to foster and support leadership potential in the profession through learning experiences that will engage and develop foundational skills in leadership, communication, and business.

Apply for the Power of Ten:

Application: Available here in Sept. 2023
Application cycles for the Power of Ten begin every fall

For application questions, please contact us at

Key Benefits

Through the Power of Ten, the FVMA’s goals are for our young professionals to:

  • Develop a fundamental understanding of leadership skills and emotional intelligence
  • Deepening comprehension of communication styles and skills
  • Acquire critical skills to intensify business acumen
  • Gain the competency to utilize these skills within their life, practice, and community
  • Heighten awareness of themselves and better understand how to maximize interactions with those around them
  • Develop a vision of the leader they can be – and what it takes to become that leader
  • Experience a supportive environment that fosters meaningful interpersonal relationships and collaborative, lifelong interaction

About the Power of Ten

Ten participants will be selected from an applicant pool to participate in the Power of Ten. Participants will join a network of peers in a series of learning experiences and mentoring sessions during the course of a year. The program is intended to be a pathway to help selected recent DVM graduates maneuver and successfully handle the challenges of their new professional environments. The Power of Ten program will also create a sense of community and build lasting bonds with other members of the leadership academy class.

In-person learning experiences will be scheduled to minimize the impact on the participants’ working hours – and the entire program is designed to garner support from practice owners who recognize their key responsibility in developing veterinary leaders. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, webinars, and other unique offerings exclusive to the Power of Ten. Participants will receive full-tuition scholarships and public recognize upon their graduation from the Power of Ten program.

Our Program Graduates

As we celebrate the young leaders who make our program possible every year at our Annual Conference, we also induct the upcoming class who will continue the program’s mission across the next year.

2023 Class

  • Todd Bliss, DVM
  • Erin Cantwell, DVM
  • Abigail Farrow, DVM
  • Whitney Greene, DVM, MS
  • Erin Nadler, DVM
  • Amy Piper, DVM
  • Nia Rametta, DVM
  • Sarah Randell, DVM
  • Kelly Schwaner, DVM
  • Jonathan Tubbs, DVM

2022 Class

  • Paul DiBiase, DVM
  • Brooke Eubanks, DVM
  • Victoria Harris, DVM
  • Angel Laws-Barnes, DVM
  • Taylor McLendon, DVM
  • Julie Mosher, DVM
  • Morgan Tiefenthal, DVM
  • Victoria Tomasino, DVM
  • Rita Wehrman, DVM, DACVO

2021 Inaugural Class

  • Stephanie Bowes, DVM
  • Natalie Davidson, DVM
  • Richard Diaz, DVM
  • Trisha Doswell, DVM
  • Caitlin Holly, DVM
  • Hillary Maedel, DVM
  • Sharon Pindar, DVM
  • Ellen Staples, DVM