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FVMA Executive Director Jim Naugle with the FLSART award.

ORLANDO, FLA, JUNE 9, 2023 – The Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA) was recognized for their service and dedication in protecting Florida’s animal and agricultural sectors before, during, and after Hurricane Ian by Florida’s State Agricultural Response Team (FLSART) at their planning workshop in Daytona Beach, Florida on June 8, 2023.   

SART is a multiagency coordination group of governmental and private entities dedicated to strengthening all-hazard disaster capabilities through partnerships. Florida SART supports an effective and coordinated incident response for the animal and agricultural sectors in the state of Florida.   

With SART, the FVMA has deployed numerous volunteers with the Florida Veterinary Corps during many catastrophic events to assist with veterinary assessment teams and support mobile veterinary hospitals that serve thousands of residents and pets in need. The FVMA and its network of volunteers have worked with local animal services and veterinary clinics to coordinate immediate needs and continuity of operations for veterinary infrastructure during these catastrophic disasters.  

LeiAnna Tucker explains the importance of the Florida Vet Corps.

LeiAnna Tucker, FLSART’s Emergency Programs Manager and Emergency Coordinating Officer, presented FVMA Executive Director Jim Naugle with the award.   

FLSART says, “The FVMA has been an instrumental partner for Florida SART during disaster response. The FVMA has made great strides in revamping key programs like the Florida Veterinary Corps to assist the state with building veterinary leadership in disaster response. They continue to keep this partnership engagement alive for excellent things to come.”   

The Florida Veterinary Medical Association, the University of Florida, the College of Veterinary Medicine, and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services established the Florida Veterinary Corps, a volunteer corps of veterinarians and veterinary technicians who support response measures in the event of an emergency involving animals and animal health. These professionals are a part of the State Agriculture Response Team (SART), serving under Emergency Support Function (ESF) 17 and the State Emergency Response Team.  

Visit flsart.com to learn more about the group and its efforts during catastrophic disasters. Learn more and register as a Florida Veterinary Corps volunteer through the application on fvma.org.   

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