Effective July I, 2015, Florida veterinarians can dispense compounded medications to their patients’ owners and caretakers.

This results from the signing of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association’s Priority Legislation, House Bill 1049-Practice of Pharmacy by Governor Rick Scott on June 10, 2015.

The passage and signing of HB 1049 is a significant legislative victory for the members of the FVMA and the veterinary medical profession in Florida as this new law achieves three very important things for the practice of veterinary medicine. It aligns Florida’s Pharmacy Regulations with the established standards of the practice of veterinary medicine in the state; it reestablishes licensed veterinarians’ ability to dispense compounded medication to their patients’ owners or caregivers that will ensure successful treatment outcomes; and it fixes the unintended consequences of a Florida Board of Pharmacy rule of June, 2014, that required practitioners to sign an agreement with compounding pharmacies not to dispense compounded medications ordered from them.

The success of HB 1049-Practice of Pharmacy was the result of the hard work of the great coalition of staff, lobbyists Mixon and Associates, and partners Wedgewood Pharmacy, US Compounding, Pet Health Pharmacy, Veterinary Pharmacies of America, and Diamondback Pharmacy, who dedicated much time to ensure the bill’s success. We extend sincere gratitude to champions of veterinary medicine in the Florida Legislature, Senator Jack Latvala and Representative Kathleen Peters, who sponsored the bill in the Senate and House.