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Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA)

All you need to know about getting certified as a CVA by the FVMA.

The FVMA is the only certifying entity in Florida for veterinary assistants.  Certification ensures that veterinary assistants are efficient and competent in their duties through the establishment of  standard levels of knowledge, practical experience, and skill.

The advantages to being certified (CVA):

  • Highly respected and sought after by employers who value the formalized training and skill competencies
  • Excellent foundation for immediate employment after high school, or for entering college programs such as the AS in veterinary technology or even veterinary college

To become a CVA you must pursue a course of study through an Animal Care Technologies (ACT) High School or Adult Learning Program, or an Animal Care Technologies Partner Veterinary Hospital or Clinic Program. The Florida Department of Education approves the CVA program administered by Animal Care Technologies.

Benefits of Becoming an FVMA CVA

To recognize your outstanding achievements and to assist you in excelling in your career, certification through the FVMA also grants you membership in its affiliated entity, the Florida Association of Certified Veterinary Assistants (FACVA). Through the FACVA and under the umbrella of the FVMA you will be provided with the following exclusive benefits:

– Career networking opportunities with thousands of veterinary colleagues
– A dedicated staff of 13 FVMA professionals committed to your success (Available M-F, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.)
– Discounts on world-class CE and conference registration
– Updates on the latest news and issues impacting veterinary medicine
– Legislative and regulatory advocacy
– Membership card, certificate, pin, and much more!

CVA High School and Adult Learning Program & Veterinary Hospitals and Clincs Program

There are four requirements for CVA certification under an ACT program:

  • 1. Program

    Complete at least nine months of an ACT approved high school or adult learning program designed to prepare students for employment in the animal care industry.

  • 2. Skills Competency

    Complete the "Skills Competency Validation List" under the suprevision of a licensed DVM, CVT, and/or approved veterinary assistant instructor (VAI) where applicable (indicated on skills list with an asterisk).

  • 3. Practical Experience

    Complete a minimum of 500 hours of practical veterinary assisting experience. At least 250 hours of the total must be in a veterinary hospital setting working with live animals. The student must be directly supervised by a licensed DVM or a CVT. Up to 250 hours of the total can be school lab time, defined as non-lecture time, wherein the student applicant performs and appropriately utilizes related veterinary assisting skills under the supervision of the VAI.

  • 4. CVA Final Examination

    Score 70% or higher on the Certified Veterinary Assistant Final Examination.

  • Applying for CVA PPE

    Student CVA applicants who have fully completed requirements 1 & 2, but have not completed the 500 hours of practical experience, may sit the CVA Final Examination and apply for CVA PPE (pending practical experience). On passing the test, students receive their certification contingent on completion of the remainder of the practical experience hours within one year of the CVA exam date. The CVA PPE must return a completed and signed "Practical Experience Completion Form" postmarked no later than the one year anniversary of the final exam date.

  • CVA Partner Hospitals and Clinics Program

    The CVA course under this program comprises three elements:
    1. 192 skills / competencies to be verified by the DVM or CVT
    2. 500 hours or more of practical experience
    3. Comprehensive final examination

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