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We’re fueled by the dedication our members have to further their knowledge in veterinary medicine. It is our utmost priority to work alongside you in developing robust continuing education (CE) offerings, which meet and exceed state-mandated CE requirements in engaging ways.

Maintaining your CE is legally required by the state to qualify for license renewal in Florida. Rule Chapter 61G18-16, Florida Administrative Code of Chapter 474, Florida Statutes details this requirement for veterinarians.

The statute directs licensed veterinarians must renew their licenses every two years, while also detailing requirements regarding hours, types and categories of accepted CE.

Current Requirements for Active Status License Renewal

  • Completion of 30 hours of continuing professional education in veterinary medicine every two years.
  • No less than one hour of CE in the area of dispensing legend drugs
  • No less than two hours of CE in the area of the laws and rules governing the practice of veterinary medicine (Chapters 455 and 474, F.S. and Rule Title 61G18, F.A.C.)
  • Not more than fifteen hours are to be non-interactive, correspondence courses.
  • Computer online courses that involve online, real-time, live or delayed participatory questioning or responses are not correspondence courses.
  • Not more than five hours in complementary and alternative medicine modalities.
  • Not more than five hours of CE in business or practice management courses.
  • Not more than five hours of CE in wellbeing seminars.
  • Five hours of CE in laws and rules may be obtained once during the biennium by attending a full day or eight hours of a Board of Veterinary Medicine meeting where disciplinary hearings are conducted by the board. The attendee must sign in with the executive director of the board or designee before the meeting begins; must remain in continuous attendance; must sign out with the executive director of the board or designee at the end of the meeting day or at a time earlier as affirmatively authorized by the board.

**One hour of CE equals a minimum of fifty minutes and a maximum of sixty minutes. Total hours of lecture time cannot be added up and divided into 50-minute intervals to obtain one hour credit for each 50-minute interval.

How the FVMA Helps You Meet CE Requirements

We strongly believe that rather than CE being simply a means to meet a requirement, it should be a rejuvenating and motivating method to engage with and learn more about veterinary medicine. CE should refresh your knowledge, hone your skills and make you an even better practitioner. Your CE should be a game changer in the care you provide your patients, improving the quality of your practice and growing your clientele. The FVMA has thus curated a diverse, impactful collection of CE offerings to help veterinary professionals ignite their passions and advance their knowledge.

In-person Learning

Our world-class conferences feature in-person learning from internationally renowned speakers who have spent their careers perfecting their craft. Set in Florida’s most beautiful destinations, our conferences provide an engaging atmosphere for learning and earning CE while still enjoying a vacation getaway. This best-of-both-worlds approach brings hundreds of live CE hours, hands-on wet labs and networking events together under an umbrella that allows all veterinarians and veterinary team members to have every resource and opportunity combined into an amazing conference experience.

You can learn about our conference offerings, for both small animal/exotic and equine interests, by clicking here.

Online Learning via FVMA LINK

For those with busy schedules, we offer opportunities to supplement in-person learning with virtual CE sessions via our FVMA LINK platform.

Our live and on-demand sessions are led by industry-leading veterinary professionals. Available for individual purchase, each hour-long session delivers one hour of RACE-approved CE. You can find our full listing here.

For those looking for even more virtual CE, we bundled 12 of our world-class 2020 live webinars in to one discounted, on-demand bundle. That’s 12 webinars for the price of 10! All sessions are RACE-approved for veterinarians, and can be found here. Please review topics, speakers and approvals thoroughly before purchasing to ensure this bundle suits your needs.

Periodically, we also host free webinars via FVMA LINK. These live sessions are one of the many ways the FVMA strives to support and give back to our veterinary community. Often focused on mental well-being or other important topics, we hope these completely free CE sessions will help you grow both personally and professionally. Those who receive our emails or follow our social media are always among the first to know when these events open for registration. Our free CE sessions often sell out fast; sign up for our email blasts and follow us on social so you can be sure to secure your seat!

Florida Mandatory 3-hour Course

To make meeting your CE requirements easier than ever, Florida state-required courses in the areas of dispensing legend drugs and Florida laws and rules are available both in-person and online. No matter how you wish to obtain your CE, we offer multiple engaging ways for you to hone skills, grow your passions and ensure you’re always ready for license renewal. Click here to reach the virtual version of the course.

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