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Dr. José Arce, the American Veterinary Medical Association’s president, is awarding Phil Hinkle, the former Florida Veterinary Medical Association executive director, one of his three President’s Awards during the President’s Reception today at AVMA Convention 2022 in Philadelphia.

The award recognizes individuals or groups for making a positive impact on health, veterinary organizations or the profession.

Phil served the FVMA for 34 years. He oversaw the FVMA membership exceed more than double its initial numbers during his 13-year tenure as executive director. Under Hinkle, the FVMA repositioned its grassroots outreach to a veterinary community that serves diverse professionals with some from international backgrounds.

He placed a priority on innovation in veterinary medicine. A proponent of protecting veterinary professionals at the legislative level, Hinkle was responsible for many protections granted to those across the veterinary field in Florida. He partnered with the AVMA to have FVMA members connect with Florida’s members of Congress regarding legislative issues. A people-person above all, Hinkle placed emphasis on the human element of veterinary medicine, making it a priority to connect with the people who spend their careers caring for other people and their animals. He died in 2020 at the age of 58.

We are proud of Phil’s lasting legacy in veterinary medicine and are honored to have him acknowledged by the AVMA.

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