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Professional Advocacy Committee


The FVMA Professional Advocacy Committee (PAC) is a bipartisan, nonprofit, political committee formed to raise contributions from our members to provide needed financial support to candidates for state-elected offices.

The purpose of our PAC is to provide the FVMA with an additional tool to complement our legislative advocacy efforts. The political campaign process creates the necessity for financial support to ensure candidate’s election. The FVMA PAC provides our members a vehicle to help specific candidates who are sympathetic to the concerns as veterinarians and small business owners.

Through the FVMA PAC, our members’ individual voices become an amplified and unified voice on legislative issues of concerns to our profession and patients.

Florida law allows both individuals and business entities to contribute to state candidates and Political Action Committees such as the FVMA PAC.

Your valued contribution to the PAC allows you the confidence of contributing to the FVMA’s legislative advocacy efforts, knowing they are focused on defending the veterinary profession in Florida, protecting and supporting your livelihood!

No. Contributions to the FVMA PAC are unlimited. The one exception is when contributions are made by cash or Cashier’s Check. These are limited to $50.

Every dollar you contribute goes directly to candidates for state-elected office. The FVMA PAC decides which candidates to support and at what level. The factors considered in these decisions include a candidate’s understanding and alignment with the values of the veterinary profession, and their commitment to a sound business climate for Florida’s small business owner.

Every year, the FVMA works tirelessly to ensure veterinary interests are considered as thousands of bills are introduced and monitored during the Legislative Session. In fact, FVMA professional advocacy is possibly one of the most important benefits our association provides.

Strong legislative relationships have afforded our profession significant benefits in recent years.

Here are just a few:

• Successfully defeated a statewide legislative initiative that would have created special tax districts to fund nonprofit organizations for the purpose of providing veterinary care (Taxpayer Funding of Nonprofit Organizations).

• Initiated legislation exempting an animal owner’s identifying information on rabies tag application submitted to county animal control agencies from Florida’s broad Public Records Inspection (Protecting the confidentiality of your patient records).

• Florida is the only state that has successfully enacted legislation that allows veterinarians the ability to dispense compounded medications without limitation to their patients’ owners or caregivers.

• Prevented passage of legislation which would have allowed non-economic damages against a veterinarian for the loss of a pet.

Your contributions to the FVMA PAC will be recognized at special events, on the FVMA website, and in FVMA publications.

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Senator’s Club

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Advocate’s Club

• Promote efficient and responsible
• Provide the veterinary profession with political credibility and visibility
• Speak on behalf of the veterinary profession in Florida in a strong and unified voice
• Help candidates sympathetic to our profession achieve or maintain public office
• Encourage members to participate in the political process
• Build and maintain key relationships in both local and state government
• Strengthen the political education of our membership providing awareness of government, candidates and important political issues
• Provide a bipartisan means for the FVMA and our lobbyists to advocate for the veterinary profession, small business owners and the animals entrusted in our care

Legislative Advocacy

The most valuable asset the FVMA has in influencing regulatory and legislative initiatives that impact veterinary medicine is our membership.

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