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Legislative Advocacy

The most valuable asset the FVMA has in influencing regulatory and legislative initiatives that impact veterinary medicine is our membership.

Legislative Action Days Group

The FVMA’s Annual Legislative Action Days targets legislators and it is one of the most powerful political vehicles to make the voice of veterinary medicine heard in Tallahassee.

FVMA leadership and staff and our team of lobbyists, advisors, and legal counsel, work together to protect the practice rights and individual rights of veterinarians, while advocating for the health and safety of the animals they treat and care for.

Members are encouraged to attend Legislative Action Days, and as the event continues to grow, so do the great relationships members have established with their district legislators. 

Legislators and their staffs, in turn, look forward to meeting with FVMA members each year, with whom they have formed familiar and friendly bonds, to discuss issues affecting the veterinary medical profession.

Legislative Action Days 2021

We’re so grateful for all who attended and for their active participation in the advocacy for and defense of the veterinary profession in Florida, as well as the health and well-being of animals and people. Thank you for raising your voice!

UPDATE on HB 911 and SB 1370

Yesterday (March 17, 2021), SB 1370 was heard by the Senate Committee on Agriculture. Every senator who spoke at the meeting said that they were contacted by their very own personal veterinarian or a veterinarian in their district. Thank you for helping to protect veterinary medicine in Florida and assuring the safety and well-being of our patients. Without the overwhelming response from the veterinarians of this state, the telemedicine bill (HB 911/SB 1370), as originally proposed, would have passed. These bills allowed for unrestricted telemedicine on any animal without ever having an in-person exam. Thanks to the voices of our colleagues and the rigorous efforts of the FVMA, we were able to negotiate modifications (an amendment) to the senate bill, which will create safer guidelines under which telemedicine can be practiced. Your input made a difference.

These bills originally took a wide-open approach to the practice of telemedicine. With the negotiated senate amendment, it now allows a very limited approach in only four defined areas: nutrition, training, dermatological conditions and anxiety. Even more importantly, the amended language will also ensure that the same veterinary standard of care applies to veterinary telemedicine services as apply to veterinary care provided during an in-person visit.

We recognize that some may be disappointed that the outcome was an amended bill rather than a complete shutdown. However, with the amount of support the bill has in both houses, amending the bill in an agreeable manner is more feasible than defeating it.

Despite this success, please be aware that though the senate bill (SB 1370) has been amended, the house bill (HB 911) has not. These are vastly different versions. HB 911 still has one additional committee hearing in the House. During this process, we are asking for your continued help. Contact your representative and tell them you cannot support HB 911 with its current language. The FVMA will continue to do all we can to ensure the amended senate bill prevails, but as evidenced in the meeting yesterday, the voice of each of you is a decisive factor in protecting veterinary medicine in the State of Florida.

Once again, we thank each and every one of you for your successful efforts in speaking out in defense of the profession and the animals we all love so dearly.

For more information:

Your voice matters!

Find your Representative through the link. Representative contact information has also been provided. Please email your Representative to stop HB 911, or amend it to the Senate version. Personal calls are also encouraged.

Thank you for being involved.

We will keep you updated as to the final disposition of the bill.

SB 1370 – Medical Treatment of Animals (Amended)

HB 911 – Medical Treatment of Animals



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