The FVMA is the leading animal advocate in Florida. In this role, we must do our part to protect animals on the same level as our individual dedicated veterinary professional members. The FVMA Political Action Committee (PAC) stands as a bipartisan, nonprofit political committee, rallying support from our valued members to bolster crucial lobbying initiatives that affect our members, our patients, and our business.


  • Advocated for the practice of Veterinary Medicine in Florida and prevented passage of harmful legislation including:
  • Prevented drug prescribing and disease diagnosis without a proper examination.
  • Prevented a scope of practice legislation for CVTs that was so restrictive it would have prevented practices in Florida from providing proper care to their patients.


  • Proposing proper Veterinary Telemedicine legislation:
    • The FVMA fully supports Telemedicine within a properly established VCPR to protect our patients.
    • Our bill, positively supporting proper telemedicine, has been drafted and submitted. We continue to advocate against competing bills with language that allows VCPR to be established without an in-person physical exam.


  • Supporting our Credentialed Veterinary Technicians:
    • The FVMA worked with the Florida Veterinary Technician Association (FVTA) to draft bill language allowing licensure for those qualified. The language allows special tasks under immediate supervision to require licensure of CVTs (Certified Veterinary Technicians). This recognition and trust in their skills and talents is a first step in the elevation and recognition deserved by our CVTs without any negative effects on our practices today. We have worked with the office of Florida Representative Linda Chaney on this endeavor.
    • Agreed upon bill language has been submitted to State Representative Linda Chaney’s office for filing.

      • Xylazine (Class 1 controlled substance in Florida):
        • Class 1 designation in Florida statute is not the same as Federal DEA Class 1 designation. Though the law was passed a few years ago, it was not fully recognized until Xylazine became a street drug of interest.
        • The steps to reclassify this drug appropriately have been investigated. Currently, the progress in Washington DC on a Federal statute to classify Xylazine as a DEA Class 3 drug is the swiftest resolution we are supporting. Florida law has a clause that the State law should be changed to reflect Federal law and the Attorney General has the authority to invoke this change.
        • FVMA will petition to have Florida law match Federal law when it is passed.
        • NOTE: Store and document your current supply as controlled. Log everything!

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The FVMA Political Action Committee (PAC) is a bipartisan, nonprofit, political committee formed to raise contributions from our members to provide needed financial support for lobbying efforts.

Every dollar raised for the PAC funds legislative efforts in favor of veterinary professionals, small business owners, and the animals entrusted in your care. Both our lobbyists and the local and state legislators that we choose to support are aligned with our values.




When it comes time for Florida’s legislative session each year, the FVMA works tirelessly to ensure veterinary interests are considered as thousands of bills are introduced. In fact, advocacy is one of the most important benefits our association provides.

Do you know who your legislators are? It’s important to know how and where you can make a difference when it comes to the legislative process. If you need help finding who supports the veterinary profession, contact us and we can help.

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As we have done previously, we continue today! Our commitment and ongoing vigilance remains unwavering! Our focus remains centered on identifying initiatives that may have an impact on the veterinary community. This includes scrutinizing special tax districts that utilize public funds to provide complimentary services, potentially creating competition for private practices.

We are also dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of our clients and patients by opposing the dissemination of Rabies Certificate information to third parties. Our efforts in this regard aim to ensure that sensitive information is not disclosed to unauthorized parties.

Furthermore, we actively monitor and oppose proposals that seek to introduce non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering claims, which may target veterinarians and veterinary practices in the event of pet loss. Our objective is to protect the interests of those within the veterinary profession.

We remain vigilant in our efforts to identify any initiatives that could be perceived as detrimental to animal health, potentially affecting those who contribute to the broader One Health ecosystem.