a look ahead at telehealth

Telehealth legislation has been voted upon in recent years and because of its potential to impact animals, we are preparing for it to reappear.

As leading animal advocates in Florida, we want to do our part to protect animals much as our dedicated veterinary professionals do.

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The FVMA is inviting members to become FVMA Advocacy Ambassadors, a new program that provides opportunities like meeting with legislators, visiting with districts to discuss legislative topics, virtual legislative strategy meetings and exclusive communication on FVMA legislative maneuvers.

Indicating your interest as an FVMA Advocacy Ambassador allows us to offer exclusive opportunities based on your availability and interests. Signing your name is not a commitment, but an expression of enthusiasm and an agreement to be contacted when we need your help to better veterinary medicine.




The FVMA Political Action Committee (PAC) is a bipartisan, nonprofit, political committee formed to raise contributions from our members to provide needed financial support for lobbying efforts.

Every dollar raised for the PAC funds legislative efforts in favor of veterinary professionals, small business owners and the animals entrusted in your care. Both our lobbyists and the local and state legislators that we choose to support are aligned with our values.

When it comes time for Florida’s legislative session each year, the FVMA works tirelessly to ensure veterinary interests are considered as thousands of bills are introduced. In fact, advocacy is one of the most important benefits our association provides.

Do you know who your legislators are? It’s important to know how and where you can make a difference when it comes to the legislative process. If you need help finding who supports the veterinary profession, contact us and we can help.

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Strong legislative relationships bring significant benefits to our industry.

Levels of Contribution

There is no limit to the contribution you can make (unless you’re using cash or cashier’s check). Below are the different tiers of contributors. Every donation you make, affects our veterinarians and contributes to improving the lives of our community members.

President’s Club – $500+
Governor’s Club – $250+
Senator’s Club – $100+
Representative’s Club – $50+
Advocate’s Club – $25+

To thank you for your contribution to the FVMA PAC you will be recognized at special events, on the FVMA website and in FVMA publications.

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  • Noteworthy Successes

    ► Successfully defeated a statewide legislative initiative that would have created special tax districts to fund nonprofit organizations for the purpose of providing veterinary care (Taxpayer Funding of Nonprofit Organizations).

    ► Initiated legislation exempting an animal owner’s identifying information on the rabies tag application submitted to county animal control agencies from Florida’s broad Public Records Inspection (Protecting the confidentiality of your patient records).

    ► Florida is the only state that has successfully enacted legislation that allows veterinarians the ability to dispense compounded medications without limitation to their patients’ owners or caregivers.

    ► Prevented passage of legislation that would have allowed non-economic damages against a veterinarian for the loss of a pet.

    Contributing to your PAC is vital. Contributions ensure that veterinary professionals, small business owners and the animals entrusted in your care, are fought for at the legislative level. Donate today!

    2021 Session Report

  • Legislative Committee Members

    The legislative committee comprises of:

    Dr. Richard B. Williams, First Chair
    Dr. Richard Sutliff, Co-chair
    Dr. Christy Layton, Member

The Power of Relationships.

Monetary contribution isn’t the only way to affect legislation. FVMA’s Legislative Key Contact Network works on building personal relationships with members of the Florida Cabinet, Senate and House.

If you have friends, neighbors or clients that you could approach on a personal basis to discuss legislation that is beneficial to the veterinary professional, you’re just who we’re looking for.

The Influence of Caring Individuals.

Enroll in the FVMA’s Legislation Key Contact Network to be notified when our grassroots efforts need your advocacy. The personal relationships you have with Florida legislators could make all the difference.

Click here to email us your name, legislative contact’s name and your relationship.