FVMA Scholarship fund

Enriching students by the efforts of the fvma foundation

In 2001, the 25th anniversary of UFCVM, the first group of scholarships was given in honor of all FVMA members who worked tirelessly in the mid-1960s to create the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. Since 2001, the FVMA has awarded six scholarships annually to UFCVM students. The students receive checks of $1,500 and award plaques. The plaques honor a veterinarian who has been named “Champion of Veterinary Medicine” for his or her contributions to advance the veterinary profession.

Annual UFCVM student scholarships also include the Charlie Bild Award and the FAEP Scholarship to graduating seniors.

In 2016, the FVMA Foundation also created of the Kugler Student Research Grant ($6,000).

FVMA scholarships help reward students dedicated to forwarding veterinary medicine’s future, giving them opportunities to indulge in their studies while removing financial barriers.

Such opportunities are only made possible by The FVMA Foundation, which is primarily funded by donations. By donating any amount of money, you are directly contributing to the future of your profession and giving young professionals the gift of opportunity.