The Beginning

The Florida Veterinary Medical Association was formed and approved by the state on October 21, 1928. Five veterinarians from around the state wrote and presented the charter, which is still used today. Minor amendments were made to the charter in 1975, but the heart of the charter contains the values and objectives that are still revered.

Our Values

  • To promote good fellowship in the profession of veterinary medicine
  • To promote and protect the profession of veterinary medicine
  • To procure the enactment of laws regulating the practice of veterinary medicine, and the control of the diseases of animals
  • To direct public opinion regarding problems concerning the health of animals and sanitary practices of controlling diseases
  • To evaluate the standards of veterinary education
  • To further the education of its members
  • To further the humane treatment of animals by members and by the general public

The FVMA represents more than 5,900 veterinary professionals and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.  There are nine districts covering the state and each district has a representative who serves as a member of the FVMA executive board.

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