Meet the FVMA’s new Executive Board members 

The Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA) is proud to announce new members on its FVMA Executive Board. As previously announced, Dr. Alex “Steve” Steverson has been elected as the FVMA’s new treasurer, and Jim Naugle, who has served as interim executive director of the FVMA since August 2021, was confirmed as the FVMA’s executive director. In addition to these changes, the FVMA has added a new president, president-elect, FAEP representative and district representatives. 

This periodic change in the FVMA’s leadership allows new board members to bring fresh ideas while joining veterans on the board to help build on old ones. 


Dr. Marta Lista 


Dr. Marta Lista, a small animal practice owner and veterinarian in Miami, has been sworn in as FVMA president. Previously serving as the District 6 representative on the FVMA Executive Board and as president of the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. Lista brings a career of leadership experience to the country’s third-largest state veterinary medical association.

Her priorities for the FVMA include increasing support for veterinarians, veterinary support staff and the success of their practices. Dr. Lista is an alumna of the UFCVM and cares passionately for the success of our college and increasing the FVMAs presence and engagement with the students. Dr. Lista lobbies in Tallahassee and locally in support of the veterinary profession and animal care and is a key driver of the FVMA’s advocacy efforts in South Florida. She is passionate about ensuring that veterinarians are leading decisions that affect veterinarians in practice and in politics.

Dr. Lista is the mother of a two-year-old son, 14-year-old stepdaughter and is a loving wife. She understands the challenges of balancing life, family and work and looks forward to helping provide support to FVMA members. 

“I have the honor to serve a new president every year along with new executive board members,” FVMA Executive Director Jim Naugle says. “I see a lot of diverse backgrounds, strong leadership skills and a love for veterinary medicine. The future is bright.” 


Dr. Jacqueline Shellow 


As a former president of the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners (FAEP), Dr. Jacqueline Shellow brings immediate prestige and experience as she awaits her future status as FVMA president. 

A veteran in service to the FVMA, Dr. Shellow was awarded an FVMA Gold Star Award in 2010 for her outstanding service in connecting the FVMA and FAEP and has been a critical part of their collaboration ever since. 

Dr. Shellow brings a high level of experience to the FVMA Executive Board and its membership. Her tenured knowledge of the FVMA and FAEP operations lends her the skills necessary to lead the FVMA and support their mission to advance the veterinary profession, promote animal health and well-being and protect public health and safety. 


Dr. Sally DeNotta 

Florida Association of Equine Practitioners’ representative to the FVMA Executive Board 

Sally DeNotta is board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and is a member of the clinical faculty at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. She also currently serves as the chair of the AAEP Infectious Disease Committee. Originally from the rural Oregon coast, she received her DVM from Oregon State University and spent time in private practice in Oregon and Colorado before completing an internal medicine residency and PhD at Cornell University.  

Dr. DeNotta joined the UF faculty in 2018, where her clinical, teaching and research interests include equine infectious disease and clinical neurology. When not in the hospital, she is the UF equine veterinary extension specialist, serving as the liaison between the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Florida horse industry.  

As the FAEP representative to the FVMA Executive Board, Dr. DeNotta will serve both associations while working to ensure alignment and collaboration across their collective missions and professional programs. 

Dr. DeNotta joins the board in a position that helps align the missions of the FVMA and FAEP, providing each with resources to help one another grow. 

“I consider my position on the FVMA Executive Board to be a great honor, and I look forward to representing the FAEP membership and equine practitioners everywhere with integrity and enthusiasm,” Dr. DeNotta says. 


Dr. Julie Moodoyan 

District 1 Representative 

Dr. Julie Moodoyan was sworn in as the District 1 representative on the FVMA Executive Board at a board meeting during the FVMA Annual Conference 2022.  

Representing the Big Bend region, Dr. Moodoyan represents an area close to her hometown of Live Oak, Fla. An alumna of Florida State University and the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Moodoyan has been involved in the Florida veterinary medical scene since her career began. 

I have been practicing small animal medicine for over 20 years, and have been a practice owner in the District 1 area for more than 10 years. I am familiar with the day-to-day struggles and rewards involved with small animal practice and leading a team,” Dr. Moodoyan says. 

Dr. Moodoyan has been involved in the FVMA’s advocacy efforts and joins an executive board that has placed emphasis on ensuring legislation remains fair to veterinary professionals. 

Between her involvement in legislation and her experience working for nonprofits, as she serves as treasurer for Companion Animal Rescue Endeavor, Dr. Moodoyan brings to the FVMA a toolset of understanding both veterinary medicine and the concepts needed to propel it into the future. 

“Dr. Moodoyan is a true example of today’s veterinarian: family oriented, practice owner, advocate for the profession,” Naugle says. “She is not afraid of the goliaths in Tallahassee and will defend this profession without hesitation. She is a strong addition to the executive board.” 


Dr. Beth Keser 

District 5 Representative 

Dr. Beth Keser was sworn in as the District 5 representative on the FVMA Executive Board at a board meeting during the FVMA Annual Conference 2022.  

Representing the Treasure Coast region, Dr. Keser brings knowledge gained as a member of numerous veterinary associations in Southeast Florida. 

With education from programs across the United States, Dr. Keser brings a wide array of learnings from across the country. 

“I’m bringing over twenty years of veterinary experience,” Dr. Keser says. “I’ve held positions in leadership as a medical director which taught me how to listen, lead and rally my teams to perform their best.” 

Dr. Keser serves as the associate veterinarian at Gardens Animal Hospital. 

“Dr. Keser’s love for this profession is clearly understood the first time you meet her,” Naugle says. “Her experience along with her passion and drive for veterinary medicine brings a new perspective to the executive board. I look forward to working with her for many years.”