Dedicated to the Dedicated

For many, even before they could tie a shoelace, an animal unlocked something in their hearts. A dedication that would grow as they did. An unconditional love that today cares for our companions, protects our food supply, and influences the health of our planet.

At the FVMA, we are here to support those whose support never ends by providing education, innovation, advocacy, and, most importantly, a helping hand. We are dedicated to all of those whose care for our animals never stops.

FVMA and FAEP Conferences

You’ve done a lot of learning to take care of your patients. Now, your continued education can be a source of rejuvenation, motivation, and knowledge all in one.

ON-DEMAND COURSE: Florida Laws and Rules & Dispensing Legend Drugs

Take advantage of our on-demand course on dispensing legend drugs and the laws and rules governing the practice of veterinary medicine.

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